Thursday, 22 December 2016

***UPDATE Arduino Drum Machine****

Simplified Schematic

Ok, so this 'simplified' schematic might not actually make things any simpler!  But some people have asked for it, so maybe it'll help clear somethings up a little bit - especially how to wire up the audio output and pots/switches.  This was drawn from memory so I hope it's correct - give me a shout if not and I'll update (the pots might work in reverse, but they'll still work).  I'd also urge you to look at the schematic on Jan Ostman's website for more help;



  1. Hello `Blog Hoskins `,

    This looks like an easy and fun thing to build , but I´ve got one question ,
    Where is the midi connection in this ´symplified schematic ´.
    Can you please ad it to it ..

    Thank you

    regards Willem

    1. Hey Willem, Sorry I'm massively lacking the time to update the schematic at the moment, however, the MIDI out connections would be exactly the same as the MIDI out on the Arduino String synth, but you'll still need to update the code. Best of luck!

  2. Hi, did you've update the code for midi out? Can you share it?

  3. I have build it!!!! It sounds great.
    Thanks for all!!!!!


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