Thursday, 15 December 2016

Older Stuff: A Handful of Different Modules

Over the last few years I’ve made quite a few different modules, some never get to leave the drawer due to space, and others get slowly changed as my needs suit.

Pictured above is a 6-into-1 mixer (for the volcas), a delay, a fuzz, and then an MFOS synth.

The delay came a Velleman kit from Conrad, which is always fun, but since then I’ve built a few others using the classic PT2399 IC.  

The six into 1 is I cobbled together from various schematics from the book ‘Handmade Electronic Music’ by Nicolas Collins.  

This book is great for just getting out and making things, with lots of simple but effective ideas that you can easily build upon. Highly recommended.


  1. Just stumbled over your blog and started reading it the whole evening. I really like your cases and would like to know which varnish you are using. Furthermore, are all these frontpanels perspex? Thanks a lot and greetings from cologne!

    1. Hey Ben, Thanks for your comments! I made a quick post about about the stains/varnish. I'm not a pro (obviously), so there's could well be better methods but it seems to work for me;
      I think the Varnish came from Bauhaus, so you should find it pretty easy to get hold of if you're in Köln.
      I think every post I've featured so far has a 3mm perspex panel (which I get from modulor in Berlin). These panels get laser-cut, and then filled in with white acrylic paint. The laser isn't strong enough to cut steel, but one day I'll attempt to paint steel, mask it, laser-cut the paint, then fill that in with white paint. Hopefully it should work.
      I'm still hung-over from Männer-tag. Hope you had fun!


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