Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Abandoned Synth Project

Older Synths: The Abandoned Synth Project

2013-ish.  This was my first attempt at putting a synth together without copying someone else's design.  Essentially it's lots of modules that have been cobbled together, so I was still copying other peoples designs, but I'm pretty certain these circuits have never been assembled in this configuration before (that counts, right?).   Hearing how they interact and the effects of differing placement of modules was a fantastic learning experience, even if it perhaps didn't sound the best...  very reedy sadly, but for a first attempt that's not so bad I suppose. 

The CD40106 oscillator was from this hackaday article, but at this point I'd figured out how to make it tunable/playable with the array of resistors and switches.  I still hadn't fully figured out the best wiring for the AREG but it did 'mostly' work.  The beast contained;

x2 Oscillators (from a CD40106)
x1 PT2399 Delay
x1 Amp
x1 Fuzz (Bazz Fuss)
x1 12db Filter
x1 1-octave Keyboard (3 octaves selectable Low/Med/Hi) 

It's a project that I'd like to go back to, but many of the wires have since come apart from the breadboard so in all honesty it'd probably be quicker just to start from scratch.  If I were to re-do it, I'd add selectable waveforms (this version was only square waves) and possibly a second filter with a proper ADSR.

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