Thursday, 22 December 2016

Waldorf Streichfett DIY Stand

After making the stands for the Volcas I thought I'd make one for the Waldorf Streichfett - an amazing string synth.  As it only needs to hold one Streichfett, the case design is much simpler to build (with less chance of me messing it up!).

You'll need;

6.5mm Birch Plywood
 (250mm x 500mm) €2.60 from Modulor Berlin excl. delivery

9mm Birch Plywood (250mm x 500mm) €3.30 from Modulor Berlin excl. delivery

Black 3,9x30mm screws (€5-ish for 800 from Toom)

The 6.5mm plywood is used for the side and the 9mm is used to hold the Streichfett (I use 9mm here because any thinner and it'll split the wood when screwed).

You'll also need;

saw/table saw /sander / ruler / pen/pencil / sheet of paper / drill /tape

Start by choosing the desired angle of your stand...  I laid the Streichfett on its side on some paper until I found a good angle.  I then drew round this, adding a few mm each side for some leeway.  My final dimensions were like this;

I used the 90 degree angle of the A4 paper as the reference angle, then the preferred angle that the Streichfett was sitting on the paper.

To cut the 9mm wood that the Streichfett will stand on I used;

18.5cm width (same width of Streichfett) x 12cm long (so there's no chance of it tipping forwards or backwards as you operate it).  Cutting this part out should be much trouble, just remember to keep it as straight as possible ;-)

With the paper template drawn, you can now draw into the wood

Then mark out the other part (just reverse the paper)
First I roughly chopped the plank in two, to make it easier to handle. 

To cut at the correct angles I continued the lines and measured the angles and set the table saw to the same.  If you're using a normal saw you could also use this as a guide line.

With both the parts cut out, I compared them and then sanded them down until the matched perfectly.

I then sanded the main panels for smoothness and the edges at 45 degrees.

Now place the Streichfett where you like it to sit (making sure it doesn't overhang or anything).  Mark a line at the bottom of the Streichfett, then place the 9mm board and mark the edges here.

Use a ruler and calculate the exact centre, then mark two spots diagonally where you'd like the screws to go.  You only have to do this to one panel.

Tape the two panels securely together (you don't want them moving) and for a better finish you can mask with tape where the drill enters and exits (not pictured, but this will help prevent splintering).

Now drill these holes.

Once drilled, measure the distance of the spaces...

...Then mark these spaces on both sides of the 9mm board.

Then drill guide holes into the centre of these markings on both sides of the 9mm board.

Add the screws to the board but only drill them through enough so the tip is barely coming out the other end.

Match the screws up to the guide holes, and then start to slowly screw them into place, making a few turns before changing to the other screw (this will help prevent any warping of the angle).  

Repeat for the other side.

You should now have a pretty cool stand for your Streichfett!  You could varnish it from here, but personally I like the exposed wood look.

 If the Streichfett is too loose, you can sand down one side of the 9mm board, just make sure you keep it straight.  Another way around this is to use double sided velcro.

 Enjoy your new stand!

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